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Spotlight Sessions at AMA Conference 2016

This year, in addition to regular program sessions, Conference will feature five minute Spotlight Sessions. These fast-paced, informal sessions will provide an opportunity to showcase the exceptional work being done at and with Alberta museums in a more casual format than a full ninety minute program session.


AMA Conference 2016 Call for Session Proposals

The AMA is currently seeking proposals for the 2016 Conference, happening September 15 - 17 in Calgary. This Conference will explore how a culture of sharing and inquiry encourages the innovative exchange of knowledge, resources, and stories. Through this exchange, museums can expand expertise, leverage available resources, share unique stories, and contribute to a collaborative and empowered museum community in Alberta.



  • Governance (CMS 16 - 03)


    The Governance course introduces the basic legal and ethical requirements for operating a museum.

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