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Welcome to Museums @ the Mic, a five part podcast series focussing on stories of disaster response and recovery. The series will highlight Alberta museums during the flooding of 2013, mental health in disaster situations, and an account of an earthquake response from a New Zealand museum.

Episode Three: When the Floods Came to Calgary

The National Music Centre was in the process of moving to a new facility when the 2013 floods struck, forcing recovery efforts to span collections storage and a construction site. Jesse Moffat, Director of Collections at the National Music Centre, recounts the intense disaster response and recovery process.

Episode Two: Fire and Water in High River

This episode recounts the two disasters that affected the Museum of the Highwood. Irene Kerr, Director / Curator, takes us through the difficult process of responding to the massive flooding of June 2013 when the museum had not yet fully recovered from a fire that occurred in 2010.

Episode One: Psychological First Aid

In the rush to recover and restore damaged objects, the physical and mental toll that emergency response has on those involved is sometimes overlooked. Debbie Grey and Catharine McFee from Alberta Health Services address the concept of Psychological First Aid and the importance of mental health care during and after a disaster.

Visit for additional resources from Alberta Health Services, or visit for more information. 



Museums @ the Mic is funded through the Museum Flood Funding Program. As a multi-year initiative supported by Alberta Culture and Tourism, the Program provides assistance to museums affected by the June 2013 floods, and ensures at-risk museums are able to mitigate potential damage in the event of future flooding emergencies. The AMA appreciates the Government of Alberta's commitment to assisting flood-affected cultural institutions.

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