Student / Volunteer Application

Student Membership (Voting): $55

This category is for full-time students attending an accredited program. Proof of registration is required at time of application (send to the AMA office via mail or email).


Volunteer Membership (Voting) $55


This category is for those not employed in a paid capacity with a museum or heritage organization.

All membership applicants must submit any supporting documentation, pay identified Membership Fees, and be ratified by the AMA Board of Directors before their membership will be activated.

By checking this box, I acknowledge that as an Individual Member of the Alberta Museums Association, I will:


  • Act honestly, in good faith, and in the best interests of the museum community and uphold a position of trust in the museum community;
  • Exercise a degree of skill and diligence that can reasonably be expected from someone of my knowledge and experience;
  • Not use the Alberta Museums Association's name to obtain benefits for myself or another unaffiliated organization, outside of the advertised benefits of membership, without approval from the AMA Board of Directors;
  • Support the Objects of the Alberta Museums Association; and
  • Submit any supporting documentation (if required).


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