Health & Safety Toolkits

Health & Safety Toolkits include a variety of physical and digital resources to support organizations to reopen and operate safely. One toolkit includes: • “Welcome” sign with guidelines for visitors (1 large Coroplast poster) • directional floor arrows (10 vinyl decals) • two-metre distancing floor markers (8 vinyl decals) • “Stand Here” floor lines (3 vinyl decals) • “Maximum Capacity” wall signs (2 repositionable, rewriteable signs) • hand sanitizer sign (1 small easel sign). You will also receive digital files: • print-ready digital files, allowing you to custom print additional signage and stickers as needed; • digital files for additional types of instructional signs with a variety of messages to suit different circumstances; • customizable templates for additional wayfinding and instructional signage that can be edited, updated, and printed on demand to meet the needs of your organization; and • technical specifications with instructions for usage of stickers and signage. Approximate value of pre-printed materials: $250. Shipping and handling is $40. (Please note, the AMA Bookstore will calculate this as $33.33 + 20% for a purchase total of $40.) Organizations may order up to three toolkits; orders will be filled based on demand, while supplies last. An organization does not need to be an AMA member to order a toolkit. Please note that exact toolkit contents may be subject to change; you will receive an email notification confirming your order prior to it being shipped.



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If you are buying from outside of Canada, or you would like more information, please contact the AMA at 780.424.2626.

Shipping and Handling Charges:
20% of total for all orders.
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