MAIN-L is the AMA's email discussion list. It is a tool to keep the Alberta museum community connected, engaged, and informed. It serves as a source of information and a forum for the discussion of topics of interest to Alberta's museums and gallery community.
On MAIN-L you can post or read about:

  • Alberta Museums Association Membership Advisories, Announcements, and Alerts
  • Questions to museum colleagues
  • Deaccessioning notices
  • Exhibit and event announcements
  • Informational notices
  • Job postings (hourly wage or salary ranges must be included)
  • News releases
  • New employee announcements
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Professional development opportunities

MAIN-L is also a forum for discussion on topics of interest to more than 950 museum professionals and the right place to ask your colleagues a question or to share an idea or comment.

To post a message to all the list members, send email to Emails sent to this address will be approved and posted as is. When posting to MAIN-L, please write as though you are addressing the entire discussion group. No posting instructions are required. Please ensure the subject line clearly describes the topic of your posting.

If you have any questions about the MAIN-L service, please contact

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