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#MeetYourMuseum | #IMetMyMuseum | #Staycation

The #MeetYourMuseum campaign provides AMA members with tools and resources to attract visitors and key stakeholders to their sites and encourage them to engage on social media.

The campaign is designed to increase awareness of Alberta museums, boost attendance, and promote joy and collective celebration of Alberta's culture and heritage. By participating in this campaign, members will also help develop a unified voice for the museum community, increase public engagement with museums, and support each other with their advocacy and awareness efforts.

The campaign involves:

  • Distributing "I met my Museum" buttons to visitors,
  • Encouraging visitors to participate online by sharing selfies with their buttons and using the hashtags #IMetMyMuseum, #Staycation, #MuseumsDoMore, and #ExploreAlberta,
  • Sharing the AMA's #MeetYourMuseum images on social media along with your existing promotions, and
  • Sharing data from Reconsidering Museums on the value of museums to Canadians.


The AMA has created a toolkit for our members to support their marketing and awareness efforts and encourage a unified voice across the province. Click the links to the right to find:

  • "I met my Museum" buttons, available free to AMA Institutional members from the AMA Bookstore
  • #MeetYourMuseum promotional images for members to use in conjunction with existing promotions and / or across social media channels
  • Data from Reconsidering Museums that focusses on the value of museums to society to use when engaging external stakeholders or promoting your work


Be sure to follow the AMA on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter to see our posts from the campaign! 

If you would like more information about the #MeetYourMuseum campaign, please contact Meghan Cardy, Program Lead, at or 780.424.2626.


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