COVID-19 Resource Guides

Guidance for Reopening and Operating Safely

The advisory resource, Guidance for Alberta Museums during the Pandemic, addresses museum-specific considerations and requirements to manage closure and, once able to do so, to reopen and operate safely.  

This guide expands on the AMA's advisory document released in May 2020, and includes additional information around human resources for museums as employers, funding and aid programs available to support your pandemic response, and planning resources for reopening and restarting programmatic activities.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing and evolving situation, with more day-to-day implications and a longer immediate presence than most other natural disasters that museums in Alberta may have dealt with in the past. This resource provides guidance for museums as they consider how operations may change as the pandemic response evolves, and new restrictions are put in place or old ones are lifted or changed, knowing that operating under these shifting circumstances will likely be the reality for a while yet.

Please note that this document was last updated in December 2020; where current public health measures conflict with this document, that guidance should be followed over the advice in the resource.  

Download the guide here.


Best Practice in Virtual Programming, Tours, and Exhibits

Whether you will be engaging with your visitors in person or online, get ready with the advisory resource, Best Practice in Virtual Programming, Tours, and Exhibits.

This guide covers:

  • strategies for developing virtual programming, tours, and exhibits;
  • advice for creating virtual content that complements and enhances visitor experiences;
  • guidance for using social media to share your museum's content; and
  • resources to address considerations for museums and heritage organizations as they make decisions about going virtual.


With guidance, resources, and case studies from Alberta museums, this guide to best practices in virtual programming, tours, and exhibits is intended to increase awareness and understanding of the nature of virtual museums and the opportunities offered by virtual content creation and distribution.

Download the guide here.  


Additional Resources   

Under the Advisory section, the AMA maintains an FAQ and Resources Guide for the COVID-19 pandemic. This section is updated as new information and resources become available.

COVID-19 Healthy & Safety Signage Toolkits are available as a free digital download and in a physical toolkit available to order through the AMA Bookstore for a flat shipping fee.



The Alberta Museums Association gratefully acknowledges the financial support from Travel Alberta to produce resources to support Alberta's museum and heritage organizations to reopen and operate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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