Advocating for Canada's Museums

As the 2019 federal election approaches, the Alberta Museums Association (AMA) has joined with national, provincial, and territorial museums associations to work together on advocacy efforts in support of our members and the museum community as a whole.

In early October, we sent joint letters to the federal political party leaders, highlighting the importance of investing in museums and seeking the parties' positions on critical questions for the museum sector. Click the links below to read our joint letters and news release:


While we urge you to read the party platforms in full, some examples of commitments that have been made in party platforms regarding museums and cultural heritage are available here.

Critical Questions for the Museum Sector

In our open letters to party leaders, we asked:

  1. What are your views on the importance and role of museums?
  2. If elected, how will you respond to the key recommendations noted in our news release and infographic, in particular, the critical need to review and modernize the National Museum Policy and the need for simplification of funding processes?


How to Get Involved

When meeting your candidates, ask for their party's commitments to:

  • Establish a new National Museum Policy to better serve Canadians and their museums. (The current policy was established in 1972 and was last revised in 1990.)
  • Revise federal programs for museums to ensure a sustainable funding system that is accessible to Canadian museums large and small.

Join our advocacy and awareness efforts:

  • Ask your candidates how they will support Canada's museums locally and nationally
  • Reach out to your local elected officials at all levels of government and ask them to prioritize the museum sector
  • Share our Museums Matter infographic (PDF and JPG) with your candidates and elected officials on social media and let them know how #MuseumsDoMore
  • Invite your colleagues, friends, and family to share their stories of the importance of museums in our communities

Vote in the upcoming election:

Election Day is Monday, October 21, and Advance Polls are October 11 - 14. Voting information can be found at


We hope you will join us in our advocacy efforts by reminding your candidates and elected officials of the vital role of museums as leading contributors to the social, cultural, and educational fabric of Alberta and Canada. The museum sector benefits with broad public engagement, and when we speak with one voice, we are stronger as a community!

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