Call for Proposals

50th Anniversary Conference Series

The AMA is seeking submissions for our 50th Anniversary Conference Series. Throughout 2021, we will be hosting four half-day virtual events to celebrate excellence in the Alberta museum community over the past 50 years and examine the trends and priorities that are shaping the future of our sector.


Conference Series Pillars

Guided by the four pillars of Reconciliation, Inclusion, Community, and Innovation, the 50th Anniversary Conference Series will explore the dynamic ways museums represent, engage, and connect with the people and world around them.

Proposals should explore one or more of these four pillars and how they are embedded in your museum practice. We encourage sessions that showcase best practices, explore emerging trends, develop practical skills, and respond to contemporary social issues. 


Select Your Format

We are embracing the virtual environment for our Conference Series, and we want you to get creative with the time, delivery method, and format that will allow you to best share your work in a digital space. We invite proposals to present during the live program for each half-day event, as well as for pre-conference virtual workshops and contributions to the tie-in content that will be released throughout the Conference Series.  

During the live program, present a session, share a case study, guide a workshop, facilitate a networking exercise, or deliver a 5-minute lightning talk. Want to contribute in other ways? Write a blog, record a video, host a podcast episode, conduct an interview - or suggest your own format! If you have an idea not listed here, excellent! Innovative proposals that experiment in ways we have not yet considered are strongly encouraged.


The AMA is committed to fostering an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for our learning programs.

We actively encourage proposals from underrepresented groups, including but not limited to Indigenous peoples, members of visible minority groups, persons with disabilities, and persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.

The AMA also strives to develop a Conference program representing the organizational size and geographic location of our members, as well as involving emerging professionals to ensure perspectives from all stages of career development are reflected.


Develop and Submit Your Proposal

Include as much detail as you can in your proposal to help our Program Committee make their selections. You can preview the submission form using the question narrative here to develop your ideas and plan your proposal.

The AMA Secretariat is happy to provide feedback on proposals before they are submitted for review. Contact with your ideas and questions.

Submit your proposal using our online form.

The submission form will be available on an ongoing basis, with a submission deadline ahead of each event:

  Submit your proposal by:         To be considered for:         
  January 11   March 18
  April 12   June 17
  July 12    September 16
  Extended - September 20   November 18


We recommend submitting your proposal early. This will allow us to give due consideration to your proposal if the Program Committee feels your idea can be strengthened with revisions, or if your submission is better suited to an event later in the series. If you have multiple proposals, you are welcome to submit them across all four events.



For more information about the 50th Anniversary Conference Series, please contact Meredith Leary, Program Lead, at

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