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Dr. Alwynne Beaudoin

In recognition of her outstanding example of research and communication excellence in the museum community, years of dedication and service to the provincial, national, and international museum sector, as well as her work in teaching and promoting the research done in Alberta musuems, Dr. Alwynne Beaudoin is the recipient of the 2022 Lieutenant Governor's Award. Since starting curatorial work at the Royal Alberta Musuem in 1991, Dr. Beaudoin has championed the Alberta musuem community and her passion for the natural history of Alberta through numerous teaching, writing, speaking, and research opportunities across Canada and the world. 

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Catherine C. Cole

In recognition of her dedication to supporting heritage institutions and museums, empowering her colleagues in the field, and promoting the work of Canadian museums to the international museum community, Catherine C. Cole is the recipient of the 2021 Lieutenant Governor's Award. As a writer, curator, and producer of innovative arts and heritage programs, and the Principal Consultant of Catherine C. Cole & Associates in Edmonton since 1993, Catherine's contributions to advance the museum sector have emphasized her collaborative approach and commitment to furthering best practice in the sector. 

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Herman Yellow Old Woman

This Award recognizes Herman Yellow Old Woman's instrumental role in championing the rights of Indigenous communities to represent themselves and to have a voice in creating and shaping museum spaces. He was a key member of the committee behind Glenbow's Nitsitapiisinni Gallery, created to reflect the Blackfoot worldview and recognized as the epitome of the reconciliation and healing museums are now striving for. One of his most impactful contributions to the museum sector has been the successful fight for the repatriation of Chief Crowfoot's regalia from The Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter, UK. Herman has had an incredible impact on not only Alberta's museum sector, but the national and international sector as well.

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Laura Gloor

Laura Gloor has left an indelible mark on Alberta's museum sector as a champion of museum sustainability and the role of museums as agents of change in their communities. Through courageous and collaborative leadership, she built deep, reciprocal connections between the Peace River Museum, Archives & Mackenzie Centre and the wider Peace River community. The attention to meaningful connections that helped build relationships within the town of Peace River extended to Laura's involvement with the Spirit of the Peace regional museum network, and her involvement with the Alberta Museums Association (AMA)'s Board of Directors, where she served as an active and thoughtful member from 2010-2014. 

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Anne Hayward

As a champion for culture and heritage throughout the province, Anne Hayward has dedicated her career to improving Alberta's museums sector. Over a number of decades, Anne's work supported the professionalization of the museum sector, especially in the areas of administration, collections management, and programming.

The Lieutenant Governor's Award is a testament to Anne's contributions to the professionalization of the museum sector and her important role in establishing best practice standards for the Alberta museum community and beyond.

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Additional Past Recipients of the Lieutenant Governor's Award:

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