Robert R. Janes Award for Social Responsibility

Janes Award Galt Image

This Award is the vision of Dr. Robert R. Janes to support and further the work of museums that are solving community issues and promoting health and well-being. Together with the AMA, our ambitious goal is to create vibrant and sustainable communities by investing in programs that effect real social and environmental change, and which have the potential to create public benefit on a larger scale.

The Award is made possible through an ongoing donation from Dr. Janes, and relies on matching community funding to continue directly supporting museums that are true contributors to the social, cultural, and enironmental fabric of Alberta. Award recipients will be museums that do things differently, demonstrating leadership in building museums as true community spaces affecting our environmental and social landscapes.

Each year, a $3,000 award will be provided to one Alberta museum that has worked with social service groups or community stakeholders to create positive change for a locally identified social or environmental issue. Funds are provided to support museums with proven track records in order to investigate what makes their programs work, scale up their activities, and create models that will allow their innovative work to be replicated elsewhere. 

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