Emergency Preparedness


The Emergency Preparedness Resources are designed to empower museums and museum professionals with information and tools that will ensure the ongoing success and sustainability of the museum sector. By accessing the most up-to-date tools and information available, museums can work to minimize the short- and long-term effects of emergency situations on their institutions and be fully prepared in the case of future emergencies.  

HELP! Resources

HELP! Online Workshop

These resources were developed with funding provided through the Museum Flood Funding Program. The Museum Flood Funding Program was a multi-year initiative supported by Alberta Culture and Tourism that provided assistance to museums affected by the June 2013 floods and ensured at-risk museums are able to mitigate potential damage in the event of future flooding emergencies. The AMA appreciates the Government of Alberta's commitment to assisting flood-affected cultural institutions, and was pleased to administer the Program in collaboration with Alberta Culture and Tourism to aid in the recovery of Alberta's heritage community.


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