Mentorship Program - Become a Mentor

The Mentorship Program matches Established and Senior Level museum professionals as Mentors with their Emerging and Mid-Career peers as Mentees.

By becoming a Mentor, not only will you be building new relationships and professional networks, you will be giving back to the museum community in a unique and rewarding way.


Characteristics of a Mentor

  • Has fifteen or more years of experience in the museum field
  • Is in a senior role within an organization, or has recently retired from such a role
  • Is confident in their knowledge and experience in a range of areas in the museum field
  • Has the desire to help less experienced members of the museum community
  • Actively listens with an open mind and without judgement
  • Views being a Mentor as a way to personally grow and learn
  • Will assist and inspire Mentees in finding opportunities and solutions for their goals and challenges


Benefits for Mentors

By sharing your experiences, career story, skills, and networks, you can be a powerful and inspirational leader to emerging museum professionals.

  • Develop and refine your leadership and management skills
  • Enhance your creativity
  • Increase your confidence and motivation
  • Gain recognition for your experience, skills, and accomplishments
  • Gain new and fresh perspectives on challenges in the museum community and work-related practices
  • Benefit from a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction in building up the self-worth of a new professional
  • Contribute to long-term growth and sustainability in the museum community
  • Build new professional networks and develop professional relationships with colleagues


Please review the Mentorship Program Overview and Guidelines before submitting your application.

For more information about the Mentorship Program, please contact or 780.424.2626.

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