Phase 1: Museums for Me

For the first phase of the Reconsidering Museums project, we listened to Canadians. In fall of 2020, the Museums for Me public engagement campaign asked Canadians from all regions and with diverse backgrounds and interests, what do museums mean to you? 

Responses to this question were collected through an engagement campaign consisting of an online survey, public opinion polling, and virtual dialogue sessions. The campaign reached over half a million Canadians and recorded the opinions of over 3000 Canadians from across the country.

To learn about the results of the engagement campaign, a summary of key findings is available on the  Engage: Museums and Communities blog. For full details, read the What We Heard report.

To put the findings from this engagement into perspective, we also looked at how the Canadian public's views about museums have changed over time. In 1974, the first comprehensive study of the behaviour and attitudes of museum-goers and non-goers in Canada was published as The Museum and the Canadian Public. Using this groundbreaking study as a baseline, our study compares the findings of our research and engagement with historical trends, and offers insight into the future of museums in Canada.

To learn more about how perceptions of museums have changed or stayed the same since 1974, read the report, Trust and Value: The Role of Museums in Canada in the Twenty-First-Century.

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